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Art as an investment?

Most people probably won´t hang stocks or bitcoin on their wall at home. In fact, when you buy any original work of art, it´s always an investment in a way. An investment in something that first and foremost brings us joy, pleasure, beauty and in some cases the possibility of future appreciation or at least preservation of value. For centuries, art has also been seen as a "family heritage", proudly shared by generation after generation as a unique chronicle of family history. When the wife of the protagonist (played by Ivan Trojan) in the well-known fil detective story "In the Shadow"; talks about acquiring a Slavíček painting because she fears of monetary reform, she is accurately describing the historically proven role of precious works of art as a preserver of value despite the worst political or economic disasters. Times and world markets are turbulent, property prices are dizzying, and art is once again coming to the fore as both a stable and the only part of investment portfolios that has a soul.    

Obrázek od Alina Grubnyak



We have an excellent overview of the global fine art market, monitoring dozens of auctions around the world on a daily basis and identifying suitable potential works for our clients.

We use the best software on the market to determine a work´s long-term and current price, provenance and authenticity. With today´s equipment and database capabilities, poor quality works or even fakes can be virtually eliminated.

The best way to get started is with an informal, relaxed meeting in our office, where we can show you how we work over a good cup of coffee, discuss your expectations, and try to figure out what authors or historical periods might just capture your heart.    

Finding the right image for the client is just the beginning. Our service includes arranging online and, exceptionally, in-person attendance at the selected auctions anywhere in the world, payment and professional transit of the work to the Czech Republic, including any customs formalities.


If necessary, we can also arrange for professional restoration or an expert appraisal of the painting for future sales.


How does it work?

Who´s behind this

Obrázek od Europeana
Libor Neufus  ředitel

Mgr. Libor Neufus, Director

"Art is a lifelong passion that I´m happy to share with you. Believe me, the first picture you take is never the last."

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